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Saturday, March 21, 2015

When I am With You

When I am with you, 
Weeks fly by like the wind
And the days they melt
Like chocolate on the tips 
of our passionate tongues.
When I hold your hand, 
I feel at peace, connected
To the universe through you,
And through the universe, to me,
As I focus my energies
On that little spot on your neck
Where I want to plant my lips, 
As I curl up by your side, to be at
The safest place on earth for me -
Our arms and legs entwined.

And when you are gone, 
The picture perplexes itself
Into a million scattered pieces
I cannot connect in a lifetime, and
Meaning sheds itself like that dress
When it slips off your shoulders.
But when you are with me, 
We are one with the universe -
United like our curious fingers  
And our synchronised breaths;
As we climb over walls of passion,
And dissolve Into a unitary world
Where you are me and I am you - 
Rising together, awakening as one.