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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


We use these words as pieces
To join the giant jigsaw puzzle
Yet we limit them with classes,
Inventing 180s to justify 360s
Drawing a full circle right back 
To where we started - Shoonya
Dreaming up a million worlds
As we live through these cycles
Of birth and rebirth, drifting
Into sleep, then awakening to
A world of forgotten meaning.
Yet we use these words, axes
To dig in and to hack our way 
Up the stony walls of truth;
Hanging on by fingertips,
Trying to free ourselves
From this celestial intrigue
Woven out of the threads
Of you and me, when there is,
Truly, no self - only an illusion;
You and I, mere reflections
Of who we really are - of us.