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Saturday, March 21, 2015

When I am With You

When I am with you, 
Weeks fly by like the wind
And the days they melt
Like chocolate on the tips 
of our passionate tongues.
When I hold your hand, 
I feel at peace, connected
To the universe through you,
And through the universe, to me,
As I focus my energies
On that little spot on your neck
Where I want to plant my lips, 
As I curl up by your side, to be at
The safest place on earth for me -
Our arms and legs entwined.

And when you are gone, 
The picture perplexes itself
Into a million scattered pieces
I cannot connect in a lifetime, and
Meaning sheds itself like that dress
When it slips off your shoulders.
But when you are with me, 
We are one with the universe -
United like our curious fingers  
And our synchronised breaths;
As we climb over walls of passion,
And dissolve Into a unitary world
Where you are me and I am you - 
Rising together, awakening as one.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Sometimes there is a loneliness
Worse than that of the solitary man
Cleaning and shining the floors
Of a McDonalds outlet at night;
Long after everyone's home,
All the smiles tucked away -
Lazy heads on cozy pillows,
Warm hands wrapped around
The ones they love and hold dear;
There are cars whizzing by, but
Even they're headed somewhere;
When even the watchman outside
Has a smiling mannequin for company.
Maybe, you hope, as you gather
Your karma, that someday the floor
Will be wet enough for you to see
A true reflection of yourself, and
You can then call this solitude instead...


We use these words as pieces
To join the giant jigsaw puzzle
Yet we limit them with classes,
Inventing 180s to justify 360s
Drawing a full circle right back 
To where we started - Shoonya
Dreaming up a million worlds
As we live through these cycles
Of birth and rebirth, drifting
Into sleep, then awakening to
A world of forgotten meaning.
Yet we use these words, axes
To dig in and to hack our way 
Up the stony walls of truth;
Hanging on by fingertips,
Trying to free ourselves
From this celestial intrigue
Woven out of the threads
Of you and me, when there is,
Truly, no self - only an illusion;
You and I, mere reflections
Of who we really are - of us.


It is nearly springtime, the colours are back
And it won't be gloomy too long, but now
Your hands are careful, like your words, 
As you head homeward; your backpack
Filled with responsibilities packed
For a lifetime; I know you must go,
I can see the basket with fresh bread
From the bakery, and flowers journeying
From the meadows to your centre table;
But you could stay for a while, you could 
Ease your back and I could calm my mind.
I know your itinerary is already populated
With motels and dinners for two; that
Your plans are made, your will is firm,
And that this fire may not last the night;
But I've given all my blankets away, and
These rains have brought back the chill, 
So if you really can't give me your love,
Then at least get me through this winter...

Monday, March 2, 2015

This Moment

No, I don't want to kiss you,
But let us kiss this moment
That contains us tonight;
For it surely is as beautiful
As you appear to my eyes;
This moment, created
By our collective pasts
That led us here together,
Joining our worlds through 
Our words and our eyes
As we look into our souls -
Those depths where we find
True reflections of ourselves...