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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It is nearly springtime, the colours are back
And it won't be gloomy too long, but now
Your hands are careful, like your words, 
As you head homeward; your backpack
Filled with responsibilities packed
For a lifetime; I know you must go,
I can see the basket with fresh bread
From the bakery, and flowers journeying
From the meadows to your centre table;
But you could stay for a while, you could 
Ease your back and I could calm my mind.
I know your itinerary is already populated
With motels and dinners for two; that
Your plans are made, your will is firm,
And that this fire may not last the night;
But I've given all my blankets away, and
These rains have brought back the chill, 
So if you really can't give me your love,
Then at least get me through this winter...