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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Asteroid II

There is no question that I'm here
Plummeting away into nothingness,
Seemingly going nowhere, yet taking you
Away from everything you've known.
There is no question that I'm drawn,
For your magnetic field is strong
And our poles are all aligned;
And I don't know what to do about it.
How much, is the question though,
Can an asteroid love a planet;
More than the sun? probably not,
For you're the only life in that orbit,
And I am but a crazy, careless asteroid
With no fixed path, home or plan, with
Nowhere to return to, nowhere to reach;
Not much I really know for sure,
Spinning too close to the edge,
Dancing dangerously, destroying
Things I meet, unless I let go
But I seem to be unable to break away
From this pull of your gravity.

I don't know why you hold on
With that passive embrace.
Is it a curiosity for the unknown?
Towards mystery - temporary, destructive,
Like a moth's attraction to the flame?
Or is it something else I don't realize?
That made you step out of your coach,
Setting your veil aside,
Night after chilly night, away
From your central heating?
Day after thoughtful day,
Setting aside the aircon, the wine,
The blankets, thewarm breezy summers
Followed by brief cuddly winters,
Off the smooth obstacle-free roads, 
You and your bright shining knight,
Your monarch; and I a rogue, a bandit,
A petty thief; a selfish Robin Hood.

My path is rocky, the next step unknown;
And the crater caused by this impact,
Will fill up with water soon;
And be long forgotten, covered maybe
By a lake, with trees and life growing around.
You've always been gentle on me; yank harder;
It might hurt, but then it hasn't gone too deep,
For all I have are some words and some hope,
And these won't really carry us far;
And the pupils of our eyes will soon adjust,
And this mind will learn to wander again.
So let's try this again; another shot -
And maybe together we can break away;
Let poor little conscience prevail.
There's no need to worry, time's still on our side,
And the seasons will warm up your days.

We could burn our own incandescent way, 
The burner on low flame, preserving the fuel
Through the darkness, the mysteries, the cold;
We could light our way across time and space,
And I could hold on to your hand till the end.
We might stumble across a beautiful sky,
But the future is frailer than a philosopher's faith 
And if this cannot be, then this is the time to act -
One giant tug, one drastic push, one bittersweet farewell;
For the longer we stay the tougher this gets,
And I don't wish to cause an apocalypse.
I have braced myself already, just 
And you can keep the part of me that remains;
For I'm already enriched by the time 
That we spent; and I'll be closer to myself
Through the rest of my asteroidal days...