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Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Walk Outside

How long will you wait
Before you burst out, out of line?
Would you like go for a walk
With you tied to a chain of words?
What do you palpitate for;
Why do you pace up and down,
Panting like a period melting
Into a semi swollen comma.
What or who do you see outside,
That you want to mark your scent,
Lifting a leg, sprinkling the air around
With verbs that disregards the subject?
Would you wish to dare and dissolve
This identity we hold together
Each time we realise ourselves?
Or do you look for a mate
To find you by the scent
Of the traces you leave behind
With every carelessly uttered word?
Come, let me take you out -
Tied to my words; you may tug
And take me wherever you want -
Down the deepest trenches of structure
Or up rockiest surfaces of speech
I shall hold on till I can, and then
We shall either return, or you shall
Break free and chase a prey, enjoy
Your freedom for a while, as I
Run around trying to grab your tail
With parentheses and quotes;
Then we shall stroll back again, into
The comfort of our heads, you
Panting with excitement, lapping up
The fluidity of thoughts turning
Into action, as we build our lives,
With these structures of identity -
These sentences we've constructed
For ourselves - living, walking,
Phallic symbols - breathing,
Talking to our 'selves'...