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Monday, November 14, 2011


"Be careful, I'm a witch" she said
as she stared into my eyes
with the child of light and mischief
gleaming in her eyes
her smile parting her lips,
like I wished mine would
as her hands slithered  up my arm
and her head lowered itself on my shoulders
she looked to ignite a fire
in the dampness of my heart
clearing the moss,
sweeping off the mouldy leaves
brushing aside the shadows
trying to find a dry log or some sawdust
to start her fire with
To my surprise I was looking too
for a speck of dry spot
for us to sit and hold each other
as we danced and rocked each other
like our shadows around an imaginary fire
dancing to the rhythm of the music
only our souls could hear
trying to mend the cold,
her feet on mine, as she held me tight
"Let's give this a chance, shall we?"
Maybe just for tonight
maybe we won't remember crossing the lines
drawing new ones with our tipsy feet
our bodies entwined, our souls in tow
that extended, suspended moment
when the world rocked in harmony
where our feet moved in sync with our heartbeats
that  moment when we cut through the ice
to yield a spark of hope
one short-lived flicker, one brief flash of light
a short spell of warmth
of forgetting the hurt, letting go of the shackles
we were free of the lines, free of the past, the future
all we knew was this moment
generated by her witchcraft...