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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I proudly call me

I lie here in search of the truth
In another world, in another's words
Trading memories
for chunks of liqueur-filled chocolate
In my own hand-made crevasse
I look away from myself
Then within again
Yet I dare not look beyond the apparent, I fear.
The distractions have worked well so far
Tinted bottles and those body-hugging dresses
Now the mind's best friends.
Like driftwood afloat on a wild, adolescent river
Bursting across all borders and restrictions,
The days float on aimlessly, mindlessly
Meaning has taken a back-seat
Futility drives this boat now
Ready to crash-land
Amidst the other wrecks on this consciousness
Thrown up on the shore like Noah
He tried to run as well, didn't he?
I run but the headlights stay close behind
Closing in, the walls on the side too high
I run out of breath, as I yell out
Frantically one last time
One last hope, before I give in
Before the flashlights are inside me
Laying me bare, showing me the truth
Shining on the cobwebs, the filth, the darkness
In this walking, whining mass of rotting flesh
I proudly call me.