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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ode to a Cigarette

Oh slender redhead
How you burn yourself away
In your own passionate blaze
And yet burn those that burn you
With a gentle intoxicating kiss
Hour by hour, day after day
As the years pass by
Slowly filling their chambers
With your adhesive, charring embrace
How you enchant everyone
Men and women alike
With your chemical fragrance
Slow death wrapped inside a pearly white frame
You work your trap like celluloid dreams
Luring the clever, the unsuspecting and the adventurous alike
How for a few seconds in your trance
They trade their peace of mind, their life
Oh how you make them dance to your tune
To pine for you in your absence
And upon your arrival, to plant their thirsty kisses
On your firm, well-formed behind
How you make them hate you for everything you are
And yet long for you like they have never longed before
Oh red haired mistress
Burn, burn away!