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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


You were the quiet one, calm and serene,
Like a sky that remembered a million pasts;
And I was the rippling ocean,
Ruffled by the slightest zephyr;
Incapable of true reflection;
And the world kept turning, bringing
Right-wing currents - uncouth and strong;
And we, like the ocean and the sky,
Couldn't meet, except at the horizon.
I see you there now, playing those notes
With the multicoloured choral hue of sunset;
As incumbent clouds hide erstwhile scars.
Raindrops blur my vision, change my form,
As I see the colours strung around your neck -
A faint assurance that all is well with you.
My chest swells up with the tides, then
Recedes, the air escapes in the mask of a sigh
Is there regret, none except how we parted;
How could we have quelled the stormy skies,
We couldn't walk on water, we know;
And your head rests now, on another chest,
And his heart beats in sync with your soul;
And my surface now reflects your distant smile,
With a middle-class dream to own mine someday...