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Monday, May 13, 2013

Abandoned Ruth

She sniffs about on the dusty road
Where the tread-marks still lie fresh;
She runs along the busy road,
Her pink paw-pads tarring black
Wandering about with pitiful sighs,
All that mattered seems lost;
Screeching tyres and blaring horns
Winnow her to the sidewalk.
Something aches deep inside;
And it isn't her beating heart; but
It's a deeper kind she's never felt before,
With pangs as strong as love.
She licks up scraps and left-overs
From a garbage pile she finds,
She whines and frowns and looks around
Then turns twice to make her bed.
She's awakens to another pain
As a stone catches her ribs
Whimpering with pain, she flees,
Her tail between her legs.
She suspects every movement now
And fears the cruel world;
Her home, her comfort, her master gone
And now her self-esteem.
She hasn't eaten since the day before,
She's unwell and no one cares;
She's clothed in mud and can barely walk,
Just look around, she's there...