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Sunday, April 14, 2013


[A poem about finding one's true meaning & purpose in life]

Propelled by an unknown force - it's own,
A scarf flies in the windless sky;
With a need to find a horizon,
A desire to be at unease;
To beat the solitude of silence
(That lack of motion
That can suffocate and swallow,
Corrode and Erode,
Defeat and destroy);
Overcoming the fear,
Wearing down time,
Minute by minute,
Till the fortress is felled;
Sheer perseverance and will
Digging away,
Wondering what brings tomorrow,
Where this goes,
Till every last bit is chiselled
And broken to dust,
Shredding the layers bit by bit,
Penetrating the unknown,
Rummaging through the endless abyss
Of timelessness
Till it finds that one thing
That defines it, and conquers all meaning;
That true eternal purpose
Of an otherwise undignified existence.